Department of Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery

The Department of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery at Simhapuri Hospitals extends an array of services. From liposuction to rhinoplasty, we provide all surgical and non-surgical techniques to enhance your appearance.

Plastic and cosmetic surgery treatment is concerned with the correction or restoration of shape and function. While cosmetic or aesthetic surgery is the most well known form of plastic surgery, majority of plastic surgery is not cosmetic. Enhancement of appearance through surgical and medical techniques is cosmetic surgery. The basic objective of cosmetic surgery is to maintain normal appearance, restore it, or enhance it beyond the average level towards some aesthetic ideal. With time, even in Asia, cosmetic surgery has become an accepted practice.

At Simhapuri, we have a team of plastic surgery specialists specialised in performing different types of reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, microsurgery, paediatric, and the treatment of burns. Our team performs both surgical (rhinoplasty, facelift etc.) and non surgical procedures (such as botox, laser hair removal etc)

Also, at Simhapuri, processes exist to ensure that the decision to undergo plastic or cosmetic surgery is well-informed. Our consultant team will explain you the whole to make you more aware and to address all your fears. Most importantly, all patient consultations are maintained with high confidentiality.


  • State-of-the-art in-house operating room
  • Exclusive team of recovery nurses
  • End-to-end recovery suite
  • Team of specialist surgeons

Treatment Services:

  • Breasts: Increase or decrease the size / reshape in case of sagging breasts
  • Ears: Decrease the size in case of oversized ears / bring back protruding ears closer to the head
  • Eyes: Work on the drooping upper eyelids or puffy bags under the eyes
  • Face: Work on wrinkles or scars caused by acne
  • Nose: Reshaped