Orthopedic Problems in Children

Common Orthopedic Problems in Children

Every child’s growth varies depending on certain factors such as physical, environmental and more.  In some children growth is not completely on the right track. Many children face orthopedic problems such as pigeon toes, flat feet, toe walking, bowlegs, and knock-knees.

Here below are a few common orthopedic problems in children which parents must know.

  1. Flatfeet: Flatfeet are the most common orthopedic problem in children. Many babies are born with flatfeet every day and develop arches in their feet as they grow. In some children, the arches never develop. Being flat-footed is not a cause for concern and must not interfere in performing daily activities. In some cases, where a child experiences pain, it is recommended that inserting arch supporters into shoes, to reduce foot pain.
  2. Pigeon Toes: Some babies have a natural turning in of their legs in between 8 to 15 months of age when they begin to stand. As children get older walking with their feet turned inwards referred to as pigeon toes. Children above the age of 3 or 4 who have in-toeing problems may have a femoral ante version, wherein, there is a bend in the upper part of the leg, causing it to turn inward.
  3. Bowlegs: Bow leggedness is a condition, in which one’s legs bend outwards. This condition is extremely common in infants and grows as the child grows. Bow leggedness that prolongs beyond the age of 2 years.
  4. Knock-Knees: In Most children knock-knees show the tendency between the age of 3 and 6. This is because the child’s body goes through natural changes during this stage. In most of the cases, treatment is not needed as the legs straighten on their own. Severe knock-knees or one’s that are more towards one side of the leg needs treatment. Surgery might be considered at a particular age, depending on the health condition of the child.

If you know any child with any orthopedic problem it is best to visit a specialist who can treat them well and leave them free from such problems.


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