How to Overcome Loneliness and Depression

My grandfather used to tell me stories about how he, his five siblings, and their 11 cousins used to spend their childhood days swimming in the village pond or riding cows in the paddy fields, when they were not busy fighting among themselves. My father also used to recount memories from his childhood when he and my two uncles used to undertake a 12 hour train journey through beautiful Indian countryside every summer to go visit their cousins. I try to talk to my brother at least once a week on phone. Since my spouse and I are not planning another baby, my daughter will have no siblings!

Can you see where this is going? Due to a lot of socioeconomic factors, we are ushering into an age of personal isolation – we have a big network, but hardly any friends. Our life has become a routine such that we wake up, go to work, come back, eat alone, watch TV, go to bed, repeat. There is hardly any time for us to connect with loved ones and satisfy our social need for social fulfillment needs, and this can lead to a feeling of loneliness, which in turn leads to depression. Fortunately, it is possible to spot signs of this and take corrective action.

Here are 5 tips that will help you overcome your blues when you’re feeling lonely:


1. Participate in a Social Activity

If you live alone and don’t always have a loved one around with whom you can emotionally connect, try meeting up with others. If you find it too difficult to connect with strangers, try joining a special interest group — a reading group, a running group, a volunteer group, or whatever tickles your fancy.

2. Unplug for a while

We spend an awful amount of time in front of a screen. Even when we are with loved ones, we are always watching TV or movie. As a result we don’t really connect. Instead, indulge in an activity that requires active participation – play a game, go out for a coffee, have a picnic, build something together, do anything that let’s you talk and connect.

3. Focus on your Fitness

For someone struggling with depression, it could be difficult finding motivation to put on the gym shoes, but those who have managed to overcome the initial inertia, swear by the effectiveness of working out. Scientifically speaking, during a workout, your body releases endorphin and serotonin, both of which are hormones associated with a feeling of happiness. Plus you get an awesome physique on the side.

4. Change your Eating Habit

What we eat affects ourbrain, and researchers have found a correlation between consumption of sugars and gluten, and mood disorders in individuals, with depression being found in over 50% of those who consume a diet rich in fat and low in carbohydrates. Of course, you don’t have to give up on sugar altogether, but consume less of it.

5. Adopt a Pet

Pets can be an excellent way to cope with loneliness. Not only will your pet keep you company when you are at home, you will also meet a lot of other pet owners in the park or at the vet’s. People love to talk about their pets, making them an interesting icebreaker when you are meeting with strangers. In addition to that, your pet will help you keep busy, which is one of the most important tricks to overcoming loneliness.

Now, all these activities help, but there really is no replacement for a heart-to-heart talk, and sometimes it is easier for us to open-up to complete strangers rather than people we are very close to. That’s where a professional Counselor can help you. Many psychologists and psychotherapists now offer services online, making it easier for you to connect with them anytime, from anywhere.

If you have reasons to believe that a loved is battling loneliness, contact us today to evaluate their mental health profile, and formulate lifestyle changes that will help them overcome their depression. call us today at 0861-6680 100, 8008 104 199, or send us an email at


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