How Much Walking You Really Need to Lose Weight

Did you know that within 5 months of regular walking you can lose up to 20 pounds? Namely, for this purpose you needn’t to go gym or follow some strict diets. Moreover, you will also tone your muscles and better your health significantly, while losing weight and inches from the waist.

How to walk in order to lose weight

The number of calories that you can burn by walking depends on two factors. The first factor is body weight and the second is the walking pace. Namely, in just 1 hour, you can burn 400 calories if you walk with an average speed of 4 miles per hour. You don’t need to walk only four miles in one day. For example, you can walk 3 additional miles and burn 300 calories plus that day. Moreover, you can walk shorter distance, but you will need to adapt your body to your daily activities. You can use a pedometer which will help you track your progress.

Pedometers and weight loss

If you’ve decided to lose unwanted pounds by walking, buy a pedometer or some wrist band to monitor your progress. What’s more, this will improve your chances to achieve the wanted results. A pedometer is an accessory that you need to wear closely to the hip area. It doesn’t weigh at all and comes with numerous properties. Its best advantage is that it informs you of the number of steps you’re taking during the day.

How much steps are needed for weight loss

Usually, 2000 steps in one mile are needed so that you burn calories. Namely, you could burn 100 calories in 1 mile.

1 mile-100 calories burned and 2000 steps

1 pound-3500 calories

Losing 1 pound per week-500 calories per day

Walk 10000 steps per day to lose 1 pound in 1 week

Take a look at these useful tips regarding healthy weight loss:

  • Instead of using the bus when you are out, walk to work or from work to home, or simply get off the bus on halfway destination
  • Always park the car a bit further than your destination and walk the distance
  • Avoid cabs, buses, and elevators whenever possible
  • Walk with your children to their school

How to keep the interest for walking

If you use the same route every day, it will bore you eventually. Therefore, walk in different areas, neighborhoods, parks, and, what’s more, listen to music while you walk as it will serve as a great motivation and energy to reach your goal. Cold weather shouldn’t worry you. You can always buy a treadmill and watch your favorite movie or TV show while walking. Sometimes, you can invite a friend or a family member to make you company during your walk.

Walking style

Concentrate the eyes, hold your chin up, squeeze the glutes, and tighten the abdomen in the same direction with the spine.

How often to walk

If you want to start a daily walking routine, consult your physician for advice regarding your strength and health for this activity. If you get approved, at the beginning, walk three days weekly for 15 to 20 minutes. Afterwards, gradually, you should be able to walk longer distances and reach 30 to 60 minutes of daily walking.