Health Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

If you are planning a great summer vacation with the family. The sunny skies are perfect for beach trips, picnics and other outdoor trips, and you can’t wait! Before you go out and enjoy, make sure you’re protected from extreme heat that the summer season can bring.

  1. Spend time in cool and air-conditioned places:

    Air conditioning generates cool air around the house that serves as protection from the heat outside. For people who want to stay home, it’s better to create a DIY air conditioner with a bowl of ice cubes and a fan. Fan’s breeze blows across cubes, it will melt and evaporate, causing cool air to spread and help cool.

  2. Stay Hydrated:

    Make sure that you drink plenty of water; it’s better if you take in more than the standard eight glasses a day to avoid rapid fluid loss. Cold beverages and drinks rich with electrolytes can also help replace minerals and cool down the body temperature at any time.

  3. Consume frozen treats:

    Frozen items like ice creams and Popsicle can bring delight during hot summer and humid days, so fill your refrigerators with refreshing goodies during summer.

  4. Enjoy cold water spas: 

    Relaxing at an Ice-cold water spa helps spread refreshing feeling all over the body, starting from the feet. Try this at home; by simply soaking your feet in a half-filled pail with ice cubes and water.

  5. Keep a cold water spray bottle:

    Another simple yet effective way to lower the body temperature is by spraying yourself with cold water from a spray bottle in the refrigerator.

  6. Wear loose-fitting and light-colored clothing:

    Tight and dark-colored clothes tend to trap heat coming from the sun, keeping our body feeling warm.

  7. Turn off appliances when they are unused:

    When appliances run on electricity, they create their own heat. So turn appliances off – laptops, lights, television – when not in use.

  8. Take a cool shower everyday:

    Frequent showers help lowering the body temperature while also rinsing off body sweat, making you feel a lot more comfortable even during hot days.