Dr. Deekshanti Narayan

Dr. Deekshanti Narayan

Dr. Deekshanti Narayan  The doctor accepts in the scope of:

  • MBBS, MD (Gen. Medicine), DM (Neurology)
  • Sr. Consultant Neurologist
  • Stroke and Epilepsy Specialist

Dr. Deekshanti Narayan Languages

  • English, Hindi, Telugu

Dr. Deekshanti Narayan  About Doctor

  • Dr. Deekshanthi Narayanan is one of the chief Neurologist at the Simhapuri Hospitals. She has completed her Graduation and Post graduation from Andhra Medical College, NTR University, Vizag, A.P. She has done her super specialization DM Neurology from NIZAM’S Institute of Medical Sciences.
  • Dr. Deekshanthi has attended many state and national conferences. Also participated in various EEG and ENMG workshops and formally she worked as Consultant Neurologist at KIMS (Bolineni) hospital for 5 years. She has expertise in treating STROKE and EPILEPSY.

Dr. Deekshanti Narayan  Areas of Expertise:


Dr. Deekshanti Narayan  Publications:

  • POEMS Syndrome: Report of Three Cases with Review of the Literature – TURK J NEUROL, 2011
  • Risk factors, clinical profile, and long-term outcome of 428 patients of cerebral sinus venous thrombosis: Insights from Nizam’s Institute Venous Stroke Registry, Hyderabad (India) – NEUROLOGY INDIA, 2012
  • Symmetrical thalamic & cerebellar hemorrhages following scorpion envenomation – INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL of STUDENTS RESEARCH, 2014
  • Presented papers as well as posters in many international & national conferences.

Dr. Deekshanti Narayan  Topics of Research:

    • Cerebral venous thrombosis
    • EEG abnormalities in Hemorrhagic stroke