Dr. N Srikanth

Dr. N Srikanth

Dr. N Srikanth  The doctor accepts in the scope of:

  • Interventional Cardiologist

Dr. N Srikanth  Languages

  • English, Hindi, Telugu

Dr. N Srikanth  Experience

  • Dr. N Srikanth holds an experience of 8 years in the field of Cardiology and Interventional Cardiology

Dr. N Srikanth  About Doctor

  • Dr. N. Srikanth is a renowned Interventional Cardiologist in the field of Cardiology. He specializes in Complex Angioplasties, Balloon Valvotomies, Angiogram etc.

Dr. N Srikanth  Areas of Expertise:

  • Coronary Angiogram
  • Primary PTCA
  • ASD Device Closure
  • Peripheral Intervention
  • Management Cardiac Emergencies
  • PBPV