Dr. G. L. Sushmita

Dr. G. L. Sushmita

Dr. G. L. Sushmita  The doctor accepts in the scope of:

  • Consultant Interventional Pulmonologist & Sleep Specialist

Dr. G. L. Sushmita Languages

  • English, Hindi, Telugu

Dr. G. L. Sushmita  About Doctor

  • Dr. G.L.Sushmitha is a renowned consultant pulmonologist with expertise in interventional Pulmanology. Dr. G.L.Sushmitha expertise in sleep apnea.

Dr. G. L. Sushmita  Areas of Expertise:

  • Bronchoscopic Interventions
  • Thoracoscopic Interventions
  • Sleep Medicine

Dr. G. L. Sushmita  Awards:

  • Torrent Young Scholar Award – 2014 Zonal Level Winner
  • Best Orator Award – TYSA National Level – 2015
  • Best Outgoing Student Award – 2004
  • Gold Medalist in the year 2004,2009

Dr. G. L. Sushmita  Memberships:

  • Member of Indian Sleep Association
  • Member of Indian Chest Society

Dr. G. L. Sushmita  Posters and Publications:

  • HAEMOPTYSIS – An Usual Presentation NAPCON
  • Diagnostic Efficiency of BAL vs ET Aspirate – A Caomparative Study