Diabetes in Children

Also called juvenile diabetes, where your child’s pancreas no longer produces the insulin.

A child newly diagnosed with diabetes may worry about a range of issues. Diabetes is a chronic and life-threatening condition in which body loses its ability to produce insulin. Children who have diagnosed with diabetes may struggle to perform their daily activities.

If a child is diagnosed with diabetes, parent may feel overwhelmed, angry and worried about his future. A diabetes care team can help to overcome the challenges the parent faces. Most of the children will effect with Type 1 diabetes in which the body is unable to produce insulin. Due to this they will need regular insulin injections.


Diabetes is not caused by being overweight. Some parents may feel upset or worried when their children are diagnosed with diabetes. Having diabetes doesn’t have to take away your child’s freedom.

The main symptoms of child diabetes:

  • Drinking more than usual, including overnight
  • Frequent urination, including overnight
  • Weight loss
  • Tiredness

Symptoms that are more typical for children includes:

  • Tummy pains
  • Headaches
  • Behavior problems


The specialized nature of managing childhood diabetes means that most children are cared by the hospital. Most children with diabetes need insulin treatment, which will be planned with the diabetes team.

  • Frequent daily dosage of fast-acting insulin during the day and slow-acting insulin at night
  • Very small children normally don’t need an injection at night, but will need one as they grow older
  • Increasing numbers of children use continuous insulin pumps

In the first year after diagnosis, your child may need only a small dose of insulin. Also, good glucose control is important. This is because many of the complications of diabetes increase with the duration diabetes have been present.

Children can’t be dealing with their diabetes alone and they need support of the family. It’s very important that all members of the family take an active role in your child’s diabetes. Child diabetes demands teamwork on the part of all the family members, which includes close follow-up on health check-ups, diet, medications and other diabetic management tasks.

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