7 Tips for Excellent Oral Hygiene

We have all heard a lot about the importance of a smile, and we all have seen many clichéd advertisements of dental care products, advocating the importance of Oral Hygiene in sporting a lovely smile – and most of these have at least some semblance of truth, to be honest. After all, poor oral hygiene can result in plaque, tooth decay, gum diseases, and halitosis – any of which can ruin a smile.  But a beautiful smile by no means is the only reason why you should practice good oral hygiene, as improper or inadequate oral hygiene can result in unintended weight loss, dehydration, and infection. In addition, good oral hygiene can increase food and liquid intake, which supports better nutrition and hydration.

Below are 7 tips to keep your teeth healthy and hygienic.

1. Brush your Teeth Properly and Regularly

Okay, let’s get the obvious out of the way first! Always use a soft toothbrush and angle the bristle at a 45-degree angle and move up-and-down or in a circular motion, rather than back-and-forth.This should be done at least twice a day, and at least for 3 minutes each time to prevent the build-up of bacteria and acid from the breakdown of food. Also, it is important to thoroughly rinse your mouth after every meal to wash away food particles.

2. Use Fluoride Based Toothpaste:

Fluoride provides important protection to your teeth against cavities by providing strength to the enamel in your teeth to resist the acid produced by oral bacteria, which has an eroding effect on your teeth. However, to enjoy full benefits of a Fluoride based toothpaste, you must remember to just spit out after brushing rather than rinse your mouth with water, as rinsing also washes away the Fluoride. Give it at least 20 minutes before you rinse your mouth or consume any fluids.

3. Use Mouth Wash and Dental Floss:

In addition to removing any food debris, using mouth-wash and dental floss is also essential to keep your gums healthy, since most of the plaque is found at the gum line. Most people give-up on mouth-wash and floss because, while the former tastes strong, the latter is just too difficult to use. Just choose a mouth-wash that is low on alcohol content. It is also recommended to use a pre-threaded flosser, tiny brushes that reach between teeth, or a silicone plaque remover, which are easier to hold in your mouth.

4. Clean your Tongue:

Always use a strong tongue scrapper – not only does it help freshen your breath by removing harmful bacteria, it also removes tongue plaque. Using your toothbrush on your tongue is not going to have the same effect, plus it will wear out your toothbrush before its time has come.However, if for whatever reason you prefer a toothbrush to a tongue scraper, complement it by including food items that are naturally good at cleaning your tongue – these include apples, carrots, celery, and popcorn. Yes, you read it right!

5. Avoid Sugary Confectionaries:

As the age old adage goes, “a moment on the lips, and considerably longer on the teeth” – no, I don’t think it goes like that, but the profundity of the statement is correct, nonetheless. For healthier teeth and gum, consider limiting sugary and acidic drinks and foods, such as soda based beverages, sweet fruit juices, coffee, candy, and desserts.

6. Regular Dental Checkup:

There are nooks and crannies in your mouth that you just can’t access, or indeed see – not unless you have an eye on your uvula. These spots are the breeding grounds for the plaque and tartar. You should visit your Dentist at least twice a year to help clean your teeth properly, catch dental issues early, on and avoid bigger problems. Remember when we learned that a healthy mouth results in better overall health? Exactly!!

7. Quit Smoking:

Do this even if you have healthy teeth. No, seriously! Not only does smoking expose your mouth to a multitude of agents that you will consume later on to mask its smell (such as candies, sugar coated mint, mouth-fresheners etc.), thus causing periodontal complications, it can also cause oral cancer.

To learn more about practicing oral hygiene, and to set-up, your first/next visit to the dentist, call us today on 0861 668 0100 !


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