Parents and guardians should be aware of childhood obesity and the ways to control it. Childhood obesity leads to high blood pressure, heart diseases and high cholesterol. It may also results in bone and joint problems.

What Causes Obesity in Children?

Children become obese or overweight for a variety of reasons. The most common causes are unhealthy eating ,lack of physical activity and genetic factors. Only in rare cases children can be obese by a medical condition such as a hormonal problem.

Although weight problems in families, not all children with a family history will be overweight. Children whose parents sisters or brothers are overweight may be at an increased risk of becoming overweight themselves, Obesity also  linked to shared family behaviors such as eating and activity habits.

A child’s activity level and diet plays an important role in determining a child’s weight. For example, now a day’s many children are spending lots of time by watching television, computers and video games.

What Diseases Are Obese Children at Risk For?

Obese children are at risk for a number of conditions, including:

  • Diabetes
  • Heart Diseases
  • Bone problems
  • High cholesterol
  • High blood pressure
  • Skin conditions such as heat rash, fungal infections, and acne

Some obese children may suffer from breathing problems viz. asthma and bronchitis. Significantly, obese children suffer from social and psychological problems viz. depression, poor self-esteem, higher stress, lower social skills and anxiety.

Balance is the key to maintain a healthy weight. The two-way approach to put your child’s weight under control include cutting down on fats and calories, and have an active life.

Giving your child a diet filled with fruits, vegetables, whole-grains, poultry, fish, lentils and beans goes a long way towards encouraging healthy eating habits. Taking water, and limiting soft drinks and beverages will be of great help towards controlling your child’s obesity.

Children should avoid a sedentary life, which means to spend less time watching TV, using computer and playing video games. Children should be encouraged to have an active life. A moderate to intensive physical activity as part of daily may include jumping rope, brisk walking, playing outdoor games, dancing and swimming.

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