Holi is just round the corner. We all know that it is a festival of colours, water balloons. Nowadays there is alot of usage of dyes, chemicals, heavy metals in colours which can cause harmful effects on the skin like itching, rashes etc. Inorder to safeguard our skin from these harmful effects use herbal colours, flowers to play Holi.

Dos & Donts:

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    • Wear clothes that cover maximum part of your body so that the contact with colours will be lesser.
    • Apply a thick moisturizer or oil over the body prior to playing with colours, as it will act as a barrier to your skin thus preventing the colors from settling on the skin and will ensure that the colours come off easily.
    • Protect your lips with a good lip balm.
    • Oil your hair adequately so that the colour does not stick to your hair and can be removed easily.
    • People with history of atopy need to be extracautious as their skin is very sensitive.
    • Apply a good sunscreen, which is water-proof on the sun exposed areas of your body, atleast 20mins before stepping outdoor.
    • Protect your eyes by wearing protective glasses like sunglasses so that colours do not enter your eyes.
    • Incase you experience any irritation of the skin, wash the area immediately with water.
    • Do not rub or scrub your skin vigorously with soap in order to remove the colours as it can damage your skin. The colours will be removed eventually with every shower.
    • Use a mild cleanser to wash your face and a mild shampoo to rinse off your hair.
    • Post Holi, the skin may be dry due to use of strong chemicals, so keep hydrating by drinking plenty of water, by applying liquid paraffin oil or a moisturizer on the skin.
    • Avoid doing any procedure like waxing, threading, bleaching, Laser, chemical peel for a week before and after Holi.
    • Incase you develop any allergy or rashes, kindly visit your dermatologist for further management.

Wish you all a C O L O U R FULL, fun-filled and a safe Holi!!

Dr. Chetana. P
Simhapuri Hospitals