10 Golden Rules for Women Health

    1. Consult your Gynecologist for any change in Menstrual Cycles at any age.
    2. Take Mammogram once in 3 years after 35 years of age.
    3. Take Pelvic Scan & Pap smear once in 2 years after 35 years of age.
    4. Take BMD test and take Calcium & Vitamin D3 as advised.
    5. Check for HB, BI glucose, Lipid Profile, Thyroid every year after 35 years of age.
    6. Regular exercise, Yoga & Meditation are must for everybody from any age.
    7. Obesity is the culprit for most problem in old age avoid weight gain.
    8. Have positive attitude always “It is the ‘mantra’” for happiness.
    9. Sleep well, Sleep is very essential for good health.
    10. Be happy, think healthy, live happy & health life.

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Posted by sreesimhapuri

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